Fernando Yanes


A pair of siblings gaze at the horizon, as the sun hides behind the monolithic walls of Mount Roraima. Not long after, a raging storm destroys their homelands, leaving the giant table-top mountain as the last surviving place with any hope of finding a home again.


And so they embark on a journey...


My senior project. As soon as I decided I would make Venezuela the theme behind this short animation it immediately became a personal project. Ignoring the obvious references to home– Roraima, María Lionza, the araguaney tree, and a couple background sound effects titled "00706-0433_VenezuelaJungle_Birds_Ambience.WAV"– I wanted to represent my country's current situation through the story of two brothers losing their home and embarking on a journey to try and find that place to call home again, just like my people are doing today.